Residential Services


Macomb Family Services’ group homes are a supportive, family-like setting for developmentally disabled adults. We support adults with developmental disabilities by creating the least restrictive environment to help them manage independence, and achieve growth, and positive change. This is accomplished through a variety of services such as skill building, activities of daily living, and providing opportunities for socializing and community outings.

We have six independent apartments (SIPs) and nine group homes in Macomb County.

How we Help

Our residential programs provide a caring learning and living environment personalized for each person’s needs. They provide residents with both structure and comfort by establishing a daily routine in a familial home setting. We treat each person as an individual with unique needs and abilities, and work with them in order to help them reach their highest potential.

In addition to providing a home environment, we also provide work settings. Group home residents go to various day programs, like sheltered workshops and independent work settings. On the weekends and in the evening, we enjoy engaging in fun activities. For example, we often go shopping, dancing, bowling, or out to eat. Sometimes, we simply stay in and enjoy watching movies. MFS staff encourages residents to do as many activities as possible. Some family members are also very involved and come to visit often.