Anger Management & Domestic Violence Classes

Macomb Family Services has group anger management classes for those who struggle to control their anger. While some of the clients in our anger management classes come by choice, most are court-ordered for first or second-time assault or domestic abuse charges.

We split our anger management classes based on whether an offense was domestic or non-domestic. We offer both day and night classes.

Our Approach

Although we use the Michigan Batterers Intervention Standards (BIS) as the basis for our programs, we have adapted our model to fit the needs of Macomb Bounty.

In our anger management classes, we use Behavioral Therapy and CBT methods, which help members identify, examine, and change the unhealthy thoughts and behaviors that lead to uncontrollable anger.

Our programs help patients do the following:

  • Challenge their core beliefs
  • Find out what sets them off
  • Learn impulse control
  • Work through past trauma
  • Learn prevention skills
  • Find better ways of expressing anger
  • Develop the skills to solve conflicts

Anger Management Classes

Alternatives to Aggression is a 15-week class designed for men charged with non-domestic assault, road rage, or or misdemeanor assault.

Domestic Violence Classes

Macomb Family Services works to end abuse by providing education, therapy, and guidance to those who have caused harm. We give support, one-on-one therapy, and referrals to domestic violence victims. We also provide information to the courts.


For new clients, we do a domestic violence assessment that looks at mental health, substance use, and family history. We also cover criminal history, the relationship with the victim, and how lethal the recent offense was.


For Men

Alternatives to Domestic Violence is a 32-week class for men with domestic assault charges, or those with high lethality. In some cases, classes will fulfill a Parent-Agency agreement with DHHS.

For Women

Women’s Alternatives to Domestic Violence is a 20-week domestic violence class for women. This class focuses on recognizing abusive tactics that women use in relationships and works to replace them with more healthy behaviors.